It’s Finally Here

There’s a new movie coming out you may have heard of… Anyway, if you’re looking to play some Star Wars games immediately before and after, you’re in luck! Check out just some of the options you’ve got this week:

All Star Sports Cards & Collectibles:

Tuesday: Star Wars X-Wing – FFG

Avalon Knights:

Tuesday: Casual play day come on out and enjoy some game time and s special treat for x-wing players this week. and Ace medal will be awarded to the first x-wing player to rack up 5 confirmed kills in x-wing 100 point matches pics of the medals after the post!


Thursday: Also we are celebrating the release of star wars force awakens with free play of all star wars games all day long we will also be playing all 6 movies all day at the store leading up to the release of the new film! come join us!

Warp One:

Wednesday: Sensational Ladie’s Night reading Star Wars: Princess Leia

Warp Two:

Monday: Star Wars LCG Game Night

More to come, I swear…. I’m lagging behind for some reason but I’ll edit this post and add more tonight! Check your local stores for even more info!

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