Misc. Stores

I guess if your promise is to have a big list, make sure your toddler is on-board to let you have the time to make it. I’ll try something a little different instead. Here’s a few stores that are Nerdy in their own right but there’s not enough of them to make their own category… Sadly this includes the last of the DVD stores in town frown emoticon

I know the website for Rafters Home Store at South Edmonton Common doesn’t look Nerdy… Just trust me… It belongs on this list (An entire of wall of Funko Pop for one thing).

If I’ve missed anywhere you’ve shopped (or your store for that matter), let me know and I’ll update this. Thanks again!

Rafters Home Store

Revolver (2 locations)

Spencer’s (3 Locations)

The Lobby

Zizi’s Place
Clothing, Jewelry & Gift Shop

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